I Forgive Karen – Legon Boy Who Was Whipped With Bathroom Slippers


Some few days ago, a video of a female Legon student namely Karen was seen smashing the face her boyfriend with her bathroom slippers after she caught the boy cheating on her.

The lady at the centre of the controversial move has since issued an apology on social media and many were thinking the guy wouldn’t forgive her but rather have his revenge.

Well, the guy has shown shown the other side of his gentility by letting sleeping dogs lie.

Following the incident, Karen, in video expressed remorse, apologized for her indecent act and called for the public to forgive her.

Karen ex-boyfriend who was caught been beaten with the bathroom Slippers has finally accepted Karen’s apology. He responded to a friend’s comment.

Jelodmensah said: ”@stickie_baron…he nor correct.U make woman take slippers lash you…sia man…ur moda sef no go do that.”

Ex-boyfriend @Grey_yo responded: ”The gal sef she apologize so why [afor] hold am.”


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