Miss Commonwealth Ghana Past Delegate Physically Abused By Juju Man And MCG Ceo [Screenshots]


Information reaching MrMannas.Com, from our authentic source states that a past contestant of the Miss Commonwealth Ghana pageant has been physical abused and emotionally tortured.

According to information, Nana Ama Essien was accused of theft during the stay in the pageant house, Fast forward the pageant was over and she made it through to top five;however on October 6th on Sunday Nana Ama Essien said to have had a call from the CEO of the pageant to come over her house as to discuss their contract and their trip to the UK as Top 5 finalist, upon arrival her boss said they were going to Koforidua in the Eastern region to see a fetish priest (Juju man) as known in local parlance concerning the missing money, mobile phone and others she was been accused of.

Together with her other delegates, they took the trip to Koforidua to consult the fetish priest (Juju) as their boss said, on arrival at the shrine the priest gave them fresh egg to throw up and whoever’s egg falls back cooked is the thief, unfortunately hers fell back cooked and on instructions from the priest she was asked to strip naked and was beaten with a cutlass and caught on video.

According to the victim, Nana Ama Essien, the CEO told her not to open up this incident to any other third party else her video will be put out on social media and other delegates are adamant to speak about the issue because they are scared of losing their contracts and tittles.

Meanwhile, in a recent statement issued by the organizational board on the Miss Commonwealth Ghana WhatsApp page clearly states that after the visit to the shrine reveals Ms Nana Ama Essien as the thief.

But the question is, was that the best way to reveal someone suspected of being a thief..?

It does not matter how many years this has been done in Ghana. It’s unacceptable, perhaps intentional, to not put the well-being of this pageant girls first. It’s long overdue such horrific abuses need, should and must be addressed.

Read screenshot below;


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